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established 1969 Norfolk, England
“where true type, not trend, is always in fashion”

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Multi-BISS/RBIMBS ukc Grand Show Champion multi-year Top Ten


St John was an incredible dog and producer.
He placed at every AKC Labrador Specialty that we entered.

More than 90 offspring to date,
many with titles in obedience, conformation.
Many more actively working as Service Dogs
and Service Dog foundation breeding program dogs.

Yes, that is Sandylands Mark, Ballyduff Marketeer,
Ballyduff Lark, Ballyduff Spark,
Hawksmoor Webster, and Kupros Master Mariner –
all in the 4th generation in St John’s pedigree.

St John was so full of himself that
we joked ‘saint I aint’ should have been his name.  
We named him for St Johns in Labrador,
saying that IF Labradors had a Patron-Saint,
it would be St John, since Labs originated in
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Long after so many new DNA tests were developed,
St John did test as AT RISK for EIC.
He NEVER had any incident of collapse and
we certainly would never have let him be bred if he did.
None of his offspring have had EIC issues.

Note that OFA does not list the Parent Club preferred name for dual-carriers
 as AT RISK. John is listed in the public data base at OFA
as ‘affected’ even though he was only AT RISK.

St John frozen semen is available to females who are
EIC Normal, CHIC, DD.

ost recent St John youngsters are 3 years old, 2 are Service Dogs at Can Do in MN, 1 is a Can Do brood female, and our darling Marina is here with us.